Work Experience

Research Associate at Bern University of Applied Sciences

May 2008 – March 2011: Timber and Composite Construction                                        Leader of national and international research projects                                                    Industry consultancies (assessment of structures and testing of material properties) Supervisor timber engineering lab (coordination of investments and infrastructure)

Research Assistant at UBC Department of Wood Science

September 2004 – December 2007: NRCAN Value to Wood Program “Structural performance of value-added building components”                                                                 CNC machine operator at Center for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP)              Consultant work in statistical analysis of experiments

Vice President Administration, UBC Graduate Student Society

March 2006 – March 2007, elected position                                                                          Supervision of staff of the society (30 people) and Graduate Student Centre              Chairing of House-Finance and Safety-Sustainability committees                            Negotiation of lease of the Graduate Student Centre with UBC administration      Renovation project at the Graduate Student Centre at a scope of $300,000

Other previous positions

Assistant at University Bío-Bío, Concepcion, Chile                                                                  March 2001 – January 2003: “Timber protection by design in infrastructure”                  Assistant at Timber Construction Institute, FH Biberach, Germany                                      May 2003- August 2003: Adaptation of a  database on Timber Engineering             Technician at frameworks enterprise, Thyssen Hünnebeck, Santiago, Chile                          October 1997 – May 1998: Cooperation in founding branch